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Ah, what would Christmas be without teddy Bears?



This wonderful little set is made by Dakin. Their little hats and scarves all look hand-knitted and add to their adorableness.




These terrific guys are "Fireside Friends" by Russ. As you can see, they are all dressed up in little snowflake sweaters.





These wonderful little fellows came in sets of seven. I won the first set of seven on ebay, and that was everybody but the two bears at each end of the front row and the black-and-white panda in the back row. Later, at a flea market, I saw a variation of this same set, with three bears I didn't have--the two bears at each end of the front row and the black-and-white panda in the back row. So I got 'em. All are fully jointed and each one is different. they a truly a great find.

The Mob on the Mantel at Christmas




Leave it to Target to have the best holiday novelties. The bear in the back is a pale red with green tinsel trim. The little ted in the wagon came with peppermint sticks in his wagon and he has a little candy cane embroidered on his chest. Little funny guy in front forever has his muffler covering his nose--it's glued there!


I have  a really hard time photographing dark colored bears with accuracy. But these are teds with sparkly tinsel in their plush, "Noel" and "Joy" from Target. Both came in small and large sizes. 

This is a ted generically called "Garland" by A&A Plush. I named the red one Tinsel. They are fully jointed and have metallic gold  and red trim and contrasting color patches on their chs.est







A holiday Puffkin I found at Goodwill. I think he is Jingles.

The other one is a Target novelty who was holding a little bag of candy.




That's me! I had this bear specially embriodered through Buddy's Toys.



Snowy was a regular rider in my car for a long time until he fell out one day and got his nose very smudged. He is made of a knit material so it is difficult to wash his face. Fortunately, the picture does not show his dirty face. He now lives a slightly less adventurous life in my guest room. He was bought from Pier 1 Imports in the '99 holiday season.




And here he is, the cutest of the cute, my little snowman. He's really just a stuffed snowman with a teddy bear head. But boy is he a cutie.




Boris and Ivan

These two big boys are realistically-styled Christmas bruins with big velvet bows at the backs of their necks. Wal-Mart again, believe it or not.

Teeny Tiny Ornament

My grandmother can make almost anything if it involves sewing. One year she made these adorable little cross-stitched pocket ornaments with a tiny teddy inside each one.

On my antique sideboard, all my little Christmas-themed or red/green/white teddy bears get to show off. All the big ones are down on the floor.


A three-point view of the sideboard setup. Clarence(see Special Friends Page for more info)is front and center.

The striped bear is "Candyman", a Grateful Dead bear.

The tiny bear with a blue coat and red booties is a Bundle Bear by Mary Meyer.

The tiny koala holding a present in the first picture was some sort of mechanical toy but no longer works. He was a $1 flea market find.



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