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 Marshmallow's Travels




At Epcot Center at Walt Disney World in Florida.

This is the main flagship attraction, "Spaceship Earth". Note the "2000" on the side of the ball.

The handsome guy here is my husband, Steve, and we were on our honeymoon. If you're curious about his shirt it is from the Star Wars Celebration in Denver, May '99.



Epcot is divided into two sections--the futuristic part and the countries part, simply said. Here we are in "Italy" , in front of a beautiful fountain.



At Walt Disney's Animal Kingdom there is an INCREDIBLE ride called "Countdown to Extinction", themed after the Disney movie Dinosaur. Here Marshmallow poses with Aladar the Iguanadon ouside the ride. Aladar has replaced a Styracosaurus that once greeted you at the entrance. IF you want to experience a digital video of this ride, go here and look for the link.


At a totally different theme park, Splendid China. Here we are just outside the Phoenix and Dragon Theater.


Marshmallow and me at Walt Disney World, out in front of "It's a Small World". I had half a granola bar in my mouth and was not prepared for my man to take the picture at that moment.


Out in front of Cinderella's Castle at Disney world there is a little plaza with small bronze statues of various characters. Here is Marsh with Brer Rabbit.


In the Norway section of Epcot there is an exciting ride called the Maelstrom. It's kind of a Viking ship ride, and at the end it funnels you into this gift shop that sells nothing but trolls! Here is Marsh with a particularly large one. To get a feel for the Norway section and see a video of the Maelstrom, go here and look on this page for the links.


Marsh out in front of the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World.


Marshmallow out back of General Boyd's Bed and Breakfast in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, December 2000.





Marshmallow out back of General Boyd's Bed and Breakfast in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, December 2000.




Marsh and me outside at General Boyd's.




At the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Marshmallow poses with Sue.



Marshmallow also poses with an Albertosaurus....




And single-handedly takes on a Triceratops.






The Star Wars Exhibit at the Field Museum allowed Marsh to get up-close and personal with such greats as Darth Vader....



...and Boba Fett.