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Who is Marshmallow? He is a little plush bunny given to me by my husband. He was purchased from a gift shop/pharmacy store in a hospital.

Marshmallow sits on my desk at work and goes home with me every night in my backpack. He is with me whenever I am able to carry him. He has ridden on planes with us and even sat in first class. He has been to every major discount store in our area, and a few restaurants and museums. And everywhere he goes he makes people smile, whether they are just laughing at the goofy person with a rabbit in her coat pocket or genuinely admiring his cute little face.

Marshmallow is an avid collector of all things Easter and is proud to display his collection on these pages. He also has about a hundred bunny friends and relations, some of which you will meet, such as his cousins Jelly Velveteeno and Peep.

So, that is the essence that is my dear, cherished Marshmallow. I hope you enjoy his website.


 Marshmallow's Easter Collection


Marshmallow's Travels


Marshmallow's Friends and Family


Planet Liz